Japan Work Visa

What is the Japan work visa?

Japan Work VisaThe Japan work visa is a long-term entry permit dedicated to citizens of foreign countries that wish to take up employment within Japan. Since the country’s visa system is quite extensive, the work visa alone can be divided into three different types. However, most people use the regular type, which will be described in detail later on.

The whole process of applying for the Japan work visa is long and may seem a bit complicated at first. We are here to navigate you through it and help you submit a successful application! Make sure to start preparing for the application process at least a few weeks before the planned departure date. Collecting some of the documents and waiting for approval may take some time.

Read on to find out more about the requirements, work visa specifications, eligibility, the whole process of applying.

Japan visa for work – more information

To find out more about the Japan visa dedicated to people who wish to work in this country, take a look at the following list of work visa characteristics:

  • it serves as a long-term entry permit
  • can be issued for anywhere from 3 months to 5 years (depending on a few factors, including your nationality and the length of the employment contract)
  • allows working within Japan
  • can be issued for foreign citizens whose occupation is accepted by the Japanese government
  • requires obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility (which may take even 3 months to be processed)

Who can apply for a Japan work visa?

If you intend to visit Japan for a more extended period than this allowed by short-term visas, you must apply for an appropriate visa first. However, not every foreign citizen is eligible to make an application for this type of entry permit. The Japan work visa requirements are a bit more complicated; thus, make sure to read on to be appropriately prepared!

The Japanese government issued a list of accepted for work visa professions. If you plan to work in Japan, your occupation must be one of the government-approved ones.

The professions include artists, company CEOs, people who specialize in international services, such as translators or language tutors, engineers, medical or legal workers, skilled workers, religious-related occupations, and more.

Before starting the application process, make sure that your occupation will be accepted by the Japanese government.

What documents do I need to prepare to apply for a work visa to Japan?

Since the work visa is a long-term entry permit, the list of the required documents is quite extensive. Moreover, some of them need to be prepared a few weeks before starting the application process.

Take a look at what you need to prepare to have complete paperwork ready once you apply:

  • a COE – Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Japanese Immigration Services. Your Japanese employer or visa sponsor should be the one who applies for it. Contact him or her and send over the required for COE documents so that your certificate will be issued.
  • a valid passport
  • applicant’s face photos (that are recent and meet the size requirements)
  • a document describing your work experience, position, and skills
  • a document describing the work to be conducted in Japan (duration and other specifications)

Please note! Depending on your profession, the required documents may differ, e.g., artists should also provide some examples of their previous work.

How to apply for the Japan work visa?

Once you have prepared the necessary for the visa application documents, it’s time to start applying. The most time-consuming part of the application process is gathering the documents to have complete paperwork. Thus, if you already have everything that’s needed, you’re almost done!

Get the listed in the previous section documents ready and download an official work visa application form. Fill it out with the necessary details, and afterward, check thoroughly if there are no mistakes. Next, simply contact your nearest Japanese Embassy or a Consulate and schedule an appointment to submit the complete paperwork.

If the Japanese authorities decide your application form is correctly filled and you don’t have to submit any additional documents, you’ll be on your way to approval. The Embassy/Consulate workers will contact you once your entry permit is ready to be collected!

How long do I have to wait for my Japanese work visa?

Once your paperwork is application is submitted to the appropriate Japanese institution (Embassy/Consulate), the processing time will take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days. However, the process may elongate if the Japanese authorities decide it’s necessary.

Moreover, obtaining the COE certificate takes even up to 3 months. That is why you should start preparing for the application process at least 4 months ahead of the planned departure date.

Can I work in Japan with an online visa?

It is yet to be determined if the Japan e-Visa will allow performing business activities in addition to the tourism ones. However, if you plan to be employed in Japan long term, you must obtain a regular visa before departure.

Making an online visa application for the electronic Japan entry permit is an excellent idea to visit this country before getting the actual work visa Japan. You can learn more about the country’s culture and customs and determine whether you are sure you want to work there for a longer period.

The Japan e-Visa requirements are elementary when compared to the regular visa application process. The only document you’ll need is a valid passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months!

How to apply for the Japan visa online?

To get your Japan online visa in a matter of 72 hours, all you have to do is complete three simple steps. Spare a few minutes and using your phone, laptop, or any other device, and follow this guide:

  1. Fill the application form – provide your data, passport details, information regarding your trip to Japan, and other essential details. Next, make sure everything is correct because any errors may lead to elongating the processing time.
  2. Cover the fees – using any online payment method you’d prefer, cover the e-Visa costs. Once your payment registers, check if you have received a confirmation number at your email address.
  3. Check your email box – the approved document will be delivered directly to your email box in the form of a PDF file!

The maximum Japan e-Visa processing time is just 72 hours (3 business days) from submitting the form. If you meet the elementary electronic visa requirements (having an active email address, access to an online payment method, and a valid passport), you can apply within minutes anywhere at any time!