Japan Tourist Visa

The Japan tourism online visa is probably the most often selected type of entry permit when it comes to traveling to this island country. All eligible travelers can either obtain it via an Embassy or online! Applying online is much easier since not only the list of requirements is shorter, but also the processing time.

You can easily get your tourist visa for Japan online by simply filling and submitting an application form. 4 days from now, you’ll be on your way to Japan! Apply 72 hours ahead of the planned trip and get the approved e-Visa delivered straight to your email box.

All you need to apply is your valid passport and any working device with an internet connection. Apply, get your e-Visa, and travel to Japan for up to 30 days to enjoy all leisure-related activities.

Use our guide on how to submit a successful online visa application before your visit to Japan takes place. Read on for further information on the requirements, validity period, and processing time!

Regular tourist visa for Japan vs. the electronic one

The main difference between the regular visa and the electronic one is the list of requirements and the application process. The requirements for the traditional visa are quite extensive, which makes preparing for applying take a lot of time. On the contrary, all you need for the electronic visa for Japan is your valid passport.

Moreover, regular visa processing may take even up to a few weeks. Whereas the e-Visa is approved within a maximum of 72 hours. You can get the online entry permit without visiting an Embassy since the processed document gets delivered directly to your email box!

Please note! When applying for your Japan tourist visa online, you will also be granted full assistance from our support team via email and phone.

Japan tourist visa requirements

The regular visa to Japan requires the applicants to appropriately prepare before starting the process. Before submitting your paperwork at the Embassy, it’s essential to collect the necessary documents.

Please prepare:

  • an official visa application form: download it from the Japanese government website and fill it with your data
  • a passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months
  • a few photos of the applicant’s face (that adhere to the passport photo size requirements)
  • a trip’s itinerary (including flight details and daily plans)
  • a bank statement covering the previous three months (to ensure the Japanese government that you will be able to cover the expenses of the trip)
  • the most recent Income Tax Return
  • birth certificate and marriage certificate

Please note! Additional documents may be required depending on your situation, e.g., all employed travelers must provide a No Objection Certificate or a Letter of Employment. The Japanese officials will inform you if you should need to deliver any further documents.

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Japan tourist e-Visa requirements

To ease the whole process, the government of Japan has introduced the electronic visa system. Now, dozens of countries are eligible to get their entry permits online!

This section describes in detail the elementary requirements that all applicants must meet before applying. All you have to do is make sure that:

  • you have a passport with a minimum 6-month validity period extending beyond the planned date of arrival in Japan
  • your email address is active, and that you have access to it
  • you will be able to cover the fees using any preferred online payment method

That’s it! Grabbing your valid passport takes just a moment, and you’ll be all set to start applying for your Japan visa online!

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How can I complete the Japan e-Visa application process?

The time and place of submitting the application are up to you since the whole process can be completed online. Use your phone, laptop, or PC, whichever device you find most convenient, and follow 3 simple steps.

Apply anywhere at any time within just a few minutes! Get your passport ready and follow these instructions:

  1. Complete the application form: fill the online form with some basic personal and travel details, including your nationality, name, email address, and passport information. Next, check the provided data thoroughly to ensure no details are missing and everything is correct.
  2. Cover the fees: use any online payment method from several available (credit/debit cards, PayPal, PayU) to cover the e-Visa costs.
  3. Check your email inbox: the approved document is delivered to each applicant via email in a maximum of 72 hours.

TIP! Your application will be quickly approved if there are no errors or missing information in the online form. Thus, not to elongate the whole process and avoid any delays, make sure to double-check the provided details.

Japan tourist e-Visa validity period

The online Japan visa is 90 days (three months) from the date of approval. Moreover, it serves as a single-entry permit that allows all its holders to stay in Japan for up to 30 days.

You can use your electronic visa for all tourism-related activities. Thus, it’s ideal for any leisure activities, such as exploring Japan as a tourist, going on vacation, and even visiting your friends and family!

Please note! The validity of your passport must extend beyond the minimum 6-month period starting from the planned date of the trip. Do not lose your travel document or change any data on it since such actions would lead to your e-Visa becoming invalid.

Online Japan tourist visa benefits

Using an online Japan visa grants all eligible travelers numerous benefits! If you’re still unsure whether you should apply for a regular visa or the electronic one, take a look at the following list of advantages of using the e-Visa when traveling to Japan:

  • a very short processing time (only 72 hours!)
  • the approved document getting delivered to you via email as a PDF file
  • a quick and intuitive 3-step application process
  • the possibility to apply within minutes anywhere at any time
  • a 30-day stay in Japan
  • a 3-month validity period
  • full assistance of our support team in case of any issues along the way

If that does not convince you, think about the entirely online application process! Apply from home and check your email box. The whole process can be completed in minutes and requires no visits to the Embassy nor a Consulate!


Do I need a tourist visa for Japan?

Some countries can enter Japan without a visa. When planning your trip to this island country, make sure first to check if you need an entry permit or not. Citizens of dozens of countries are now eligible to apply for their Japan visas online! All you have to do is complete a simple 3-step process using your phone, laptop, or any other device.

What documents do I need for the online visa to Japan?

The only document that is required if you decide to apply for a visa to Japan online is your valid passport. Before submitting the form, make sure that your travel document will not expire for at least 6 months from the upcoming trip to Japan.

How can I get a Japan visa?

Getting a visa to Japan can be done in two ways. One, every traveler can submit their application along with a long list of documents to any Japanese Embassy and wait for the approval. The second way to obtain the necessary entry permit to Japan is by applying online. You can now get your e-Visa from home within minutes!

Is it hard to get a Japanese visa online?

It’s not! The whole application process, from start to finish, can be completed online. Grab your passport, spare a few minutes, and fill the application form. Next, simply cover the fees and wait for the approval of your application. Moreover, all applicants who should need any assistance during applying can easily contact our support team via email or phone!