Japan Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

Japan visa requirements for citizens of the PhilippinesJapan visa requirements for citizens of the Philippines will differ depending on the selected Japan visa type. The list can be both extensive or concise!

It all depends on your visa choice. So make sure to read on to learn all about Japan visas and their requirements for Filipino citizens!

What is a Japan visa?

A Japan visa is a travel authorization document that can be issued in a few forms. There are regular Japan visas and a new electronic visa system. Regular travel permits can be divided into short-term and long-term visas.

So how should Filipino citizens know which one to choose?

It all depends on the purpose of your visit and the planned length of your stay in Japan.

Short-term regular visas are issued for purposes of tourism, business, or transit in Japan. This type of travel permit is obtainable at an Embassy upon submitting appropriate documents. Short-term visas are usually issued for 15 days of stay and stay effective for 90 days.

Long-term Japan visas were designed for foreign citizens who want to stay in Japan for a more extended period of time. This type of travel authorization permit is usually connected with obtaining more documents and has a long waiting time. It is usually used for the purpose of working or studying in Japan.

Lastly, the newly introduced electronic visa system is the best option to choose. The Japan e-Visa serves as a single-entry visa obtained online. This travel permit allows its holders to stay in Japan for up to 30 days and stays valid for 3 months from issuing. You can get yours without visiting an Embassy and use it for all tourism-related purposes!

Japan visa requirements for citizens of the Philippines

Japan visa requirements for the citizens of the Philippines can be divided into two groups of regular Japan visas and the Japan e-Visa.

Regular Japan visa requirements – Filipino citizens

Japan Visa Requirements for Filipino CitizensIf you choose any of the regular travel permits, you have to collect a few documents. Most regular Japan visas require foreign citizens to have the following:

  • an official Japan visa application form
  • your passport and its scan copies
  • photographs of the applicant that meet passport photo standards
  • stay itinerary/plan/schedule
  • documents relating to your civil status, e.g., a marriage certificate

Japan e-Visa requirements – Filipino citizens

If you decide to apply for a short-term Japan visa online using the new e-Visa system, the requirements to meet will be less demanding.

All Philippino citizens applying for the Japan e-Visa should have the following:

  • a Filipino passport that will stay valid for a minimum of 6 months from the intended date of arrival in Japan
  • an active email address (to receive the approved Japan e-Visa)
  • access to any online payment method (can be a credit/debit card, a PayPal account, PayU, or any other method selected from various ones available)

What if my Filipino passport is not valid for the required 6 months?

One of the requirements for both electronic and traditional Japan visas is having a valid passport. Moreover, your passport cannot expire for at least 6 months from the planned date of arriving in Japan.

If your Filipino passport will not stay valid for the required 6 months, it’s necessary to renew it before making an e-Visa or regular visa application. You must have a valid passport in order to apply.

Applications without appropriate documents may not be positively approved.

Japan e-Visa application process explained for Filipino citizens

Once you have your valid Filipino passport on hand and have any working device with an internet connection, you can start the online application process.

Take a moment from your day to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the online form with your data. Carefully provide all of the required details and make sure everything is correct. Any errors or missing information may lead to elongating the processing time.
  2. Cover the Japan e-Visa costs using any preferred online payment method. As soon as your payment registers, you will receive a confirmation number at your email address.
  3. Check your inbox. The approved Japan e-Visa will be delivered straight to your email inbox. You will receive a PDF file containing your electronic visa within a maximum of 72 hours!

How to apply for a regular Japan visa from the Philippines?

The regular Japan visa application process differs from the electronic one. The main difference is the fact that regular visas require applicants to visit an Embassy.

Whereas the Japan e-Visa application process can be handled entirely online! e-Visa allows you to apply from home, while on a break at work, or wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection.

To apply for the regular Japan visa from the Philippines, you have to first select the visa type you want to obtain. Next, check what are the current requirements and start collecting the necessary documents. Some documents take even a few months to be issued. Thus, make sure to start preparing a few months in advance of the planned trip.

Lastly, submit the complete paperwork to a Japanese Embassy in your country and wait for the approval. Regular Japan visa processing may take anywhere from 5 business days to a few weeks, depending on the purpose of your visit and the visa type.

Benefits of applying for the Japan e-Visa from the Philippines

All Filipino citizens applying for the Japan e-Visa are granted multiple benefits, including:

  • 3-day waiting time
  • a 3-step online application process that can be completed anywhere at any time
  • full assistance of a professional support team via both email and phone
  • basic requirements to meet, all applicants need is a valid passport, an active email address, and access to any online payment method
  • no need to visit an Embassy
  • a single-entry travel authorization that allows its holders to stay in Japan for up to 30 days (one month)
  • a 3-month validity period
  • the possibility to use the Japan e-Visa for all tourism-related purposes, including making family visits
  • the approved online visa arriving directly at the applicant’s email address in the form of a PDF file

Take a trip from the Philippines to Japan with the new Japan e-Visa and explore this beautiful island country for up to 30 days!