Japan Student Visa

Student visa Japan Japan offers a variety of visa types, and one of them is the student visa dedicated to anyone who wishes to take on their studies in Japan. As it usually is with long-term visas handled in the Embassy, the requirements are quite extensive, and the whole process may take a few weeks to be completed.

A crucial step in the whole application process is handling the certificate of eligibility, which takes up to 3 months to be issued. That is why it’s essential to start preparing for applying way in advance of the planned course/study taking place.

The Japan student visa can be issued from 6 months up to even 2 years and three months and can be extended or changed to a working visa once you graduate and decide to undertake employment in the country.

Read on for a complete guide on how to apply for your student visa for Japan, what documents should you prepare, when should you start preparing for the application process, and how to successfully complete it!

Japan student visa – when to start preparing for the application process?

If you plan to study abroad, particularly in Japan, you must first apply for an appropriate long-term visa. The most important question to ask yourself is when should I start preparing for the upcoming course/study. One document that is time-consuming to get is the certificate of eligibility that, unfortunately, is necessary to have when applying at the Embassy.

We suggest starting the preparation period at least 4 months before the course is to take place since the needed certificate alone takes up to 3 months to be issued.

Then, gathering the rest of the documents, submitting them to the Embassy, and waiting for approval will take at least 3 weeks.

What documents should I prepare to apply for the student visa in Japan?

The Japanese student visa is available to foreign citizens that wish to attend any educational institution in the country. However, there are a few documents that need to be prepared before starting the process of applying.

Make sure that you have the following documents before visiting the Japanese Embassy in your country:

  • a valid passport (applicants must attach scans of their valid passport’s bio-data pages)
  • a recent applicant’s face photograph
  • the eligibility certificate
  • a letter of admission issued by any Japanese educational institution you plan on studying in (describing the course that is to be attended, the length of the stay, and any other necessary details regarding the studies)
  • your previous diplomas, credentials, anything describing your academic experience
  • a document proving that the applicant has a sufficient amount of money to cover the expenses of the stay in Japan (this can be a bank statement, a sponsorship letter, any document proving that you have financial help, a scholarship proof, etc.)

Please note! Depending on your situation, additional documents may be required. The Japanese Embassy officials will inform you if you should attach anything additional to the needed paperwork.

How can I submit an application for a Japanese student visa?

First, enroll in the study/course that you wish to attend in Japan. Next, ask your future school to apply for the eligibility certificate on your behalf. Once it’s issued, the educational institution you plan to attend will send the certificate back to you.

Now simply gather the documents described in the previous section and print out the visa application form. Fill the form with all the necessary details regarding your trip to Japan and submit the complete paperwork at the closest Japan Embassy.

The Japanese government should process the student visa in 5 to 10 business days. However, the authorities may ask you to attach additional documents or provide further information regarding the stay to study in Japan.

Can I study in Japan with an e-Visa?

Unfortunately, if you wish to study abroad in such a beautiful destination as Japan, you must first obtain a regular student visa. The online Japan visa serves as a single-entry permit that can be used for tourism purposes only.

With an e-Visa, you can enter Japan to go on vacation, explore all the country’s tourist attractions, engage in any leisure activities, visit your friends and family, or attend public events, such as the upcoming Olympics.

That’s why we suggest visiting Japan before obtaining the student visa to decide if you want to spend in the country a whole semester or even longer. Look for language schools that would be suitable for you, get to know more about the different school fees, or simply explore the country and feel the atmosphere!

How can I get the Japan visa online?

Contrary to student visas, the Japan e-Visa is an entry permit that is obtainable entirely online! All you need to apply is a valid passport and any working device with an internet connection.

The best thing about the Japan e-Visa is its processing time that takes only up to 3 business days. You can your entry permit in just 72 hours delivered straight to your email inbox. Receive the PDF file, download it, and print it out.

Stay in Japan for up to 30 days, meet the locals, get to know the customs, and learn a bit of the language before applying for the student visa. All with a passport and a single-entry online visa to Japan!