Japan visa types

Japan visa typesThe Japan visa can be divided into regular entry permits that are obtainable at an Embassy and electronic visas that you can get online. The eVisa for Japan is a relatively new option that significantly facilitates the whole process.

If you plan on visiting Japan for any recreational or transit purposes, including spectating the incredible 2020 Olympics that are taking place in 2021, hesitate no more and apply for your visa online. Get a 30-day pass to this exceptionally beautiful country and explore it as much as you can!

All you need is a passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months forth from the planned date of the trip and any working device. Use your phone, laptop, or PC to complete the 3-step application process within minutes from home.

Read on for all the essential information on the available types of the Japan visa you can apply for before your travel. Find the one that will be the most suitable for you and your needs, and submit the application anywhere at any time!

Japan visa types available

We can distinguish four types of the Japan entry permit that are currently available for all eligible travelers. With a valid passport, you can apply for:

Japan tourist visa

The e-Visa is perfectly suitable for all leisure activities, such as exploring the country’s tourist attractions and destinations, going on vacation, making friends and family visits, or attending public events, such as the Olympics.

It serves as a single-entry permit and is obtainable entirely online, without the need to visit an Embassy nor a Consulate.

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Japan transit visa

This one is for any foreign travelers who plan on having a layover in Japan while on their way to any other final destination.

If your trip requires a stop-over in Japan, this is the type of entry permit you should be applying for.

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Japan work visa

Designed for any foreign highly skilled worker who wishes to be employed within Japan. This type of entry permit serves for more extended stays and is issued to professionals, such as engineers, artists, instructors, journalists, professors, and so on.

If you plan on working in Japan full=time, this document will be perfect for you!

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Japan student visa

This type of visa is yet another long-term document that was designed for anyone who wishes to study in Japan. This includes attending a university or any other educational facility within the country.

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Can I apply for every Japan visa online?

The tricky part about the Japan visa and its various types is the fact that not every one of them is available to foreign visitors online. The tourist, as well as the transit visa, are obtainable online in the form of the recently introduced Japan e-Visa. In comparison, the rest of the entry permits require you to visit an Embassy and submit your application there.

Another difference between online and regular Japan visas is when it comes to the required documents. The standard visa requirements are far more extensive and time-consuming to meet. Whereas, for the electronic entry permit, all you need is a valid passport!

When planning your trip to Japan, take a minute to think if the purpose of your visit does not fall under electronic tourist visa usage. All short-term recreational stays can be easily completed with an online entry permit!

Visa for Japan – requirements

As it’s with the length of the validity period and the permitted stay in Japan, the requirements also vary between the different visa types.

In the case of all regular entry permits to Japan, the required paperwork is pretty extensive. Take a look at the following list of the example documents that need to be prepared before applying at a Japan Embassy:

  • a completed and signed visa application form
  • a passport with an appropriate validity period
  • a few photographs of each applicant
  • flight tickets/ flights itinerary
  • a detailed trip itinerary
  • bank statements
  • birth certificate
  • marriage certificate
The list of the required documents may be even longer depending on which type of regular entry visa should you select, especially in the case of the long-term documents, e.g., the working visa.

Online Japan tourist visa requirements

This one’s far easier to grasp! With the two online visa types available, i.e., the tourist and transit one, you won’t need many documents. In fact, all that’s needed is a valid passport!

Before submitting your Japan tourism visa application online, make sure that you:

  • are coming from one of the eligible countries
  • have an active email address onto which the e-Visa is delivered
  • have access to any online payment method, e.g., PayU, PayPal, credit/debit card
  • are in possession of a passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the planned date of the trip taking place

Online visa applications can now be made by citizens from numerous countries worldwide! Get your visa for Japan in an electronic form to make your traveling experience effortless!

Benefits of using a Japan e-Visa

Citizens from the eligible countries may now apply for their Japan visas online. Travel to this incredible country with a rich history and culture for as long as 30 days and enjoy all the tourist attractions it has to offer!

Moreover, all e-Visa holders are granted further benefits, including:

  • a very concise list of required documents (all you need is a valid passport)
  • the possibility to travel to Japan for 30 days
  • a quick and easy application process that can be completed within minutes from home
  • a 72-hour maximum processing time
  • the approved document delivered to citizens of the eligible countries via email
  • an opportunity to use it for both tourism and transit purposes
  • full assistance of our support team in case of any problems or struggles upon applying
Choose the type of visa for Japan that will cover all your needs and broaden your horizons via traveling!