Japan Tourist Visa Requirements

Japan Tourist Visa RequirementsGet a detailed guide on a tourist visa to Japan requirements and the whole application process!

Japanese art, architecture, performing arts, and pop culture have always been irresistible attractions for citizens across the globe. The Japanese government has a goal of attracting 60 million tourists by the end of 2030.

You can experience the street life of Japan or the concrete jungles of the city life. Try taking a peaceful walk under the rows of  Cherry Sakura trees, which is just beyond explanation.

Japanese malls, architecture and art, calligraphy, animes, and street food are just a few of the reasons to get the wings and fly toward this beautiful country of Asia.

Read on to learn more about the different Japanese visa types and its requirements!


Basic Requirements to Visit Japan

Japan Tourist Visa RequirementsMost people wonder how they can visit the beautiful land filled with cherry flowers in spring? Japan’s culture, natural beauty, or art are just worth loving and worth living.

Any foreigner who wants to visit Japan needs to fulfill certain requirements. The first condition is to hold a valid passport and the second one is to file an application for a tourist visa.

Don’t get overwhelmed to think it’s a lot of work to do for visiting Japan.

We are here to explain the whole process of visa handling and Japan tourist visa requirements.

After reading this guide, you’ll be equipped with accurate information and a plan of action to get your Japan Visa as quickly as it’s possible!



Types of Japan Visa for Tourists

A general element of unclarity is common among many people when they’re planning a visit to Japan. Furthermore, we become confused due to the overwhelming amount of information available online.

Which visa should I apply for?

This is the most asked question.

The type of visa you’ll apply for depends on the purpose of your visit and your nationality.

There are generally two types of visas for Japan:

Long Term Visa

Long term visa is often applied for by people looking to find a job in Japan or settle there. The long-term visas are further divided into work visas, highly skilled professional visas, specified visas, and diplomatic or official visas.

Generally, the long-term visa is the one that permits individuals to stay more than 90 days within the boundaries of Japan.

Short Term Visa

Short term visa is issued for up to 90 days, and in most cases, 15 days or 30 days stay is allowed in the country. The  Japanese law strictly prohibits working and getting a salary on short-term visas. In case of any violation, the government of Japan might impose travel restrictions and penalties on guilty individuals. The short-term entry permits can be used for making family visits or exploring Japan as a tourist.

 Short-Term Japan Visa Types

The government of Japan has subcategorized short-term visas as Tourist visas, Business visas, Japan e-Visa, and Transit visas.

From this discussion, now, it’s clear that it’s best to file for a short-term visa application if you’re looking to explore Japan and its culture for tourism.

Let’s get to the point of e-Visas and regular tourist visit visas, which are the most commonly selected option.

Regular Tourist Visa

An individual files an application for the regular tourist visa by visiting the Embassy in person, filling the application form, and submitting documents by hand. We’ll talk about the Japan visit visa requirements in the coming sections.

It is usually issued for up to 90 days of validity and allows a maximum stay of 30 days in the country.

Japan e-Visa

The government of Japan also issues electronic visas to the individuals who file online applications.

In other words, the government has taken this initiative to support the vision of attracting 60 million tourists by 2030. To ease travelers lives, the Japanese government introduced the new e-Visa system, which does not require applicants to file their applications at an Embassy in person. You can apply online instead using any working device with an internet connection! Read on to get more information on the new Japanese e-Visa!

Who Does Not Need A Japan Visa To Visit Japan?

Can I visit Japan without a visa?

So, the good news is here.

Japan allows citizens of 68 countries across 5 continents to visit Japan without holding a visa. All you need to have is a valid passport to visit Japan for tourism. However, it’s more than likely that the regular visa-free countries will need to apply for the Japan e-Visa instead.

The countries include the UK, the USA, Turkey, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and most of the European countries.

However, you must know that the Japanese government allows visa-free visits for tourism purposes and short-term stays only.

What Can You Do With Your Tourist Visa in Japan?

What activities can I take part in when I am on a short-term stay in Japan? What should I expect my short-term visa to allow me to do in Japan?

If you have met the Japan visit visa requirements and got a visa, here are the activities you can take part in during your stay in Japan.

Tourism Related Activities

You can take part in different tourism-related activities with your visit visa in the geographical boundaries of Japan. Any leisure-like activities are allowed, e.g., trying the available tourist attractions.

Plan Your Next Vacation In Japan

When you’ve got your visa for visiting Japan, that’s the right time to plan your vacation. Get ready to experience the season of Sakura flowers and historical architecture with the fragrance of pop culture.

Visit an Acquantaince or a Family Member

Anyone looking to pay a visit to his extended family, relatives, or friends in Japan, the Japan tourist visit visa or an electronic one is just right for you.

Attending a Business Meeting or Educational Conference

You can also attend a business meeting, business conference, or education conference on your tourist visa to Japan.

Characteristics of the Regular Japan Visa for Tourists

As we discussed, you can get a regular visit visa or an e-Visa. Here are the characteristics of regular short-term visit visas to Japan.

  • The regular short-term visit visa is issued for 90 days.
  • The visa allows you to stay for around 15 days
  • The stay is usually a single-entry one. A single-entry permit allows you to enter Japanese boundaries for one time on the visa.
  • It is obtained at an Embassy and may take even a few weeks to be processed.
  • The list of requirements and the needed documents is quite extensive.

Characteristics of the Japanese e-Visa

Now, let’s take a look at the Japanese e-Visa characteristics for comparison:

  • e-Visa Japan for tourists is also issued for 90 days
  • Tourists are usually allowed to stay for 30 days
  • The visa is a single-entry permit
  • It is obtainable entirely online
  • The application process consists of three simple steps that can be completed within minutes from home
  • The processing time is just 72 hours and the approved visa arrives at the applicant’s email box
  • All you need to apply is a valid passport


Japan Tourist Visa Requirements

Now, we’ll walk through the Japanese visit visa requirements that an individual must fulfill to get the regular short-term visa.

  • You must fill the Japan visit visa application form in the prescribed manner and sign it. You must download the application form the Japan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry website.
  • The applicant will fill in all the information required on the form and will write ‘N/A’ in case of a non-applicable fields.
  • Japan visit visa application filing requires the individuals to hold a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity. Besides, there must be at least two pages empty for visa affixation.
  • Passport size pictures with white background and not older than 6 months
  • Explaining your travel schedules and trip activities you plan during your stay
  • For married people, you must submit a certificate of marriage.
  • Depending on the purpose of visit, submit:
  • Civil status documents when visiting relatives
  • Pictures, phone call details, and a letter explaining the relationship, if you’re visiting a friend
  • No objection certificate and a letter of employment for employed people seeking a visit visa for business purposes


Japan e-Visa requirements

The requirements for the electronic Japan visa are more than elementary! Moreover, the whole application process from start to finish can be completed online.

All you need is:

  • a valid passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Japan
  • an active email address (onto which the approved e-Visa will be delivered)
  • access to any online payment method to cover the fees

Japan short-term visit visa fees

The fees for the visit visa vary depending on the type you select; single-entry or double-entry. We recommend you to check with the Japanese embassy in your country by call or visit for details of fees.

How to Submit Application for the regular Japan Tourist Visa?

The application process for the regular tourist visa for Japan goes as follows:

  1. Firstly, you must collect all the required documents.
  2. Secondly, fulfill all of the requirements
  3. Thirdly, cover the visa fees and submit the collected documents to a Japanese Embassy
  4. Finally, the officials will receive documents from you and will start visa processing.

How to Apply for the Japanese e-Visa?

Japanese government allows you to file an online visa application form and get your e-Visa. You must:

  • Fill the online application form with all required credentials, travel details, passport information carefully.
  • Secondly, cover the electronic visa fees with any method of online payment that’s the most convenient for you.
  • Finally, you’ll get a PDF file with the approved e-Visa within 72 hours in your email box approved by the Japanese government.

How Long is the Processing Time for The Regular Japan Tourist Visa?

Many people are concerned about getting their visas on time after fulfilling Japan visa requirements and filing applications.

A tip from our side is to double-check every document and your application form (hard form or electronic form either) for errors. Your visa process might be delayed due to any misinformation or error from your side.

Regular visa

5 business days (however maybe longer)


72 hours (without leaving your home)

Can the Japanese short-term visit visa be extended?

Japan is undoubtedly a dreamland, and you won’t wish to go back home once you’re there.

Many tourists wish to extend their visit visas in Japan and seek Japan tourist visa extension requirements.

However, there is bad news for people asking:

Unfortunately no. To re-visit Japan, any foreign citizen must first obtain a new entry permit.

Apply for a visa to Japan and get your bags ready to visit the land of the Rising Sun, Japan!